decirdesireto say

Linkword Stories:

A foreign man had fallen madly in love with a girl but lacked the ability to say how he felt.

“What to say, what to say, to convey my desire for her?” he thought to himself desperately.

He struggled for weeks but never got up the guts to say what he really desired. Finally, he decided it was now or never and he made his move.

“I desire to say something to you.” he said.

“OK.” replied the girl simply.

“Your hair belongs in a museum.” the man said. He paused waiting for a reaction and then continued. “What I mean to say is that you’re pretty enough to be a prostitute in Amsterdam.” The man hesitated. “You have strong blue eyes like a Viking.”

The girl looked on with a mixed expression. This was not the face of desire he was expecting to see from her. Damn it! It was so difficult to say what he desired to say in this language!

2013-06-09 20:32