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Linkword Stories:

Mary was pregnant. She was so pregnant that she couldn’t untie her shoes. And this was a problem because her feet were always getting swollen. She was forced to ask random strangers to untie her shoes.

After about a month of this embarrassing situation, Mary had an idea for a pregnant untying device. Ignoring the obvious alternative of slip-on shoes or the like, Mary decided that she was meant to be an inventor. But she didn’t have the money to build the first batch of the devices.

So after a lot of thought, she decided to ask for the money on Kickstarter. Surprisingly, there were enough other pregnant women who couldn’t untie their shoes that Mary was able to raise enough money to begin production.

The problems came when the shipping dates slipped and people began to ask for their product or their money back. I guess your customers are more demanding that you meet your deadlines when they’re pregnant…

2013-06-19 02:39