Linkword Stories:

There once was a lazy little rabbit who ignored his mother’s advice and sneaked into the cabbage patch of the nearby farm. He nibbled on the heads of cabbage there delighted by their deliciousness. Being a lazy little rabbit, after he had eaten far too much cabbage, he decided to just sleep right there in the cabbage patch.

The next morning the farmer caught the lazy little rabbit by the ears. “How dare you eat the heads of my cabbage!” But the lazy little rabbit wiggled free of the farmer and ran home. So the farmer bought a potion from the local witch and sprinkled it on the cabbage.

The lazy little rabbit hadn’t learned his lesson. He sneaked into the cabbage patch again and nibbled on the heads of cabbage. This time though he ran home before the sun came up. But it was too late for the little rabbit; the magic in the potion on the cabbage was taking effect. Overnight his little rabbit head swelled and turned green. By the morning his head had turned into cabbage!

If that wasn’t bad enough, all of his brothers and sisters couldn’t resist such a nice piece of cabbage in their rabbit hole. All of them surrounded him and began chewing on his head. The poor little bunny had no mouth with which to cry out and stop them. After minutes of excited crunching they had finally finished. The little rabbit’s headless body lay there lifeless.

2013-06-07 22:14