Linkword Stories:

Buddy was a bad mall cop. He wanted to be good, but he was overweight and out of shape and didn’t really care about his job. To make matters worse, he played “Bad to the Bone” often while policing the mall. The mallrats who lived for making mall cops look bad thrived under Buddy.

One day Buddy accidentally dropped a cinnamon roll he’d been eating on the ground (OK, more like an entire box of cinnamon rolls). A shoplifter who was walking by at the time slipped on them and fell, spilling stolen items out onto the ground. And then Buddy himself slipped and fell on top of the shoplifter, trapping him until the police showed up.

From that day on, Buddy wasn’t known as a bad mall cop: he was known as a bad-ass mall cop, and all the mallrats respected him.

2013-06-09 06:54