arribaa riverup/above

Linkword Stories:

The Alaskan sky was glorious the night Lucas’s flight arrived. His girlfriend Tracy was there to meet him at the airport.

The Northern Lights were putting on a grand show. Lucas found her staring up at the Northern Lights. “There is a river up above us, Lucas. Isn’t it beautiful?”

Lucas considered explaining the science behind the phenomenon but stopped himself; she must just be being poetic.

“Imagine paddling on a river so high up above the ground. Would you do that with me, Lucas?”

“I don’t have a canoe.”

“Oh. Would you want to if we had one?”

“Sure. That would be fun.”

The next day when Lucas went to Tracy’s house he saw a canoe in the driveway. “I bought a canoe, Lucas! Now we can go canoe on the river above us. Aren’t you excited!?”

Lucas looked on in disbelief. Surely the woman he loved couldn’t be this dumb…

2013-06-10 04:03