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When a new boy joined her middle school class, Sasha noticed something interesting. She would always see him pray. It wasn’t just before lunch or just before a test. It seemed no matter what was happening she could always look over and see him pray. At first she tried not to notice, but after a while she couldn’t stop thinking about it. A little chat with God was good, sure, but why was it that she would always see him praying?

Sasha was determined to find out why she always saw him praying. The next day at lunch she walked over to his desk. As always, she could see him praying. He didn’t seem to be stopping any time soon, so she finally tapped him on the shoulder.

“Why are you always praying?” she asked.

The little boy laughed. “I’m not always praying! Look!” He showed her a cell phone in his hands. She had been wrong! He was always texting!

2013-06-07 01:07