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“We’re not in Kansas anymore!” exclaimed Dorothy, holding Toto tightly. Oz was a strange place. All of the animals could speak there (well, all of them except for Toto).

When Dorothy and her motley crew ran into the flying monkeys who were the witch’s henchmen, they took one look at Toto and snatched him from her.

“Bring Toto back! He’s all I have left of home!” she cried. But the monkeys ignored her and flew off to the witch’s castle.

At the castle, the monkeys all crowded around Toto. They’d never seen a dog like him before.

Toto is all!” exclaimed an old grey monkey, bowing deeply. The other monkeys followed his example. “Toto is all! Toto is all! they chanted, bowing to the little dog.

Plot twist: guess who was behind the curtain, controlling all that had happened all along? Yep, Toto. Being all powerful had corrupted him.

2013-06-07 21:49