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Linkword Stories:

It was career day at school, and all the children were required to select a career to observe and write a report about. Stacy couldn’t decide what career she wanted to focus on.

“How about nursing?” someone suggested.

“That’s the worst career ever. Blood and bedpans and needles. What would possess someone to want a career like that?” Stacy wondered.

“What about hairdressing? My mom is a hairdresser.” suggested another kid.

“What a career! On your feet all day, feeling through the greasy hair of strangers, having to touch their scalps. And have you ever smelled a perm? Smells like brimstone! Why would anyone want a career like that?”

“Well, OK, miss smarty pants, which career do you want?” asked the kids.

“I want to be a career criminal.” she said nonchalantly.

The class was silent for a moment before one boy spoke up. “Is that a real career?” And then another shouted “I want to be a career criminal too!” “Me too!” shouted another.

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