ciertosee her toecertain/true

Linkword Stories:

Long ago there was a town called Honesty, in the kingdom of Toes, where telling the truth was a matter of life or death. Every Queen was given a special gift by the eldest magician in the kingdom. With this gift the Queen would know if someone was telling her something that was true or false. The gift came in the form of an additional toe. In order for the gift to work, her subjects had to see her toe.

At all times she had three servants with her: one whose job it was to constantly keep her toes clean, another that was there to command anyone who approached the queen to see her toe, and a third for pulling up the Queens skirt to reveal the true toe. As soon as the command to “see her toe” was uttered the person would immediately kneel and look directly at her toe.

On the tip of her right foot next to her big toe there was a second big toe. This toe was made up of a glowing golden light, resembling a light bulb. Every time someone would say something that was true the light would turn blue. If a person tried to lie it would immediately turn red and that person was sentenced to death. Everyone in the kingdom knew that when the light went blue that was true and when the light went red that was dead!

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