Linkword Stories:

Sweaty Sam was known all through the town to be the luckiest guy around! Sam’s lucky secret was all his luck came from his own sweat! He discovered if he wore clothes that were sweaty he would always pass his tests, win the football games and get the girls to go out with him. Although most girls didn’t understand why they would ever go out with Sam. He always stunk and never seemed to wear clean clothes!

Sweaty smelly Sam would take the girls to the fair where his sweaty luck won a prize at each booth he went to. On days Sam wanted to miss school, mother nature would throw a freak snow day his way. Anytime he wanted to see a concert, he would call up a radio station for a giveaway and inevitably win after the very first ring of the phone.

For one whole year before Sam’s 21st birthday he avoided washing 7 of his shirts to make sure they would be extra sweaty for his trip to Las Vegas. During his trip his luck just kept right on going. He was so lucky he was kicked out of every casino on the strip, for fear they would go broke. Sweaty Sam even made the front page of the papers as being the luckiest man in Vegas history!

2011-08-31 01:32