salirsailorto leave/go out

Linkword Stories:

When Isabel was 16 she fell in love at first sight with the most handsome sailor she had ever seen. She caught the handsome sailor’s eye and he asked her to go out with him.

They had an amazing evening together. Isabel was swept away and found herself in bed with the sailor that night. Visions of a beautiful wedding were dancing in her head. She wanted to share the rest of her life with the sailor. But when she awoke the next morning, she found him dressing and packing his bags. “I have to leave and return to my ship.” he told her.

“Let me leave with you!” Isabel begged of the sailor. “I could learn to live and work on the ship!”

But the sailor refused, telling her it was no place for a lady. When he returned to the ship, his friends (noticing his absence last night) began to tease him and ask for details.

“What’s her name?” asked one of them.

“I don’t know.” the sailor shrugged and replied. “I never bother to learn their names. I’m just going to leave the next day anyway.”

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