quedargaydarto remain/be located

Linkword Stories:

Terry was so excited. Today he was going with his boyfriend to the theme park. They had saved all year for this trip.

“OK, Terry, remember the rule,” said Terry’s partner Jim, “If we get separated just remain in one place. You know that my gaydar is stronger than yours. I’ll use it to locate you.”

Terry couldn’t help but agree. Jim’s gaydar was highly trained. In the past, he’d been jealous because of it. Jim could pick out a gay man in a club from across the room within seconds of entering. Within a minute, he knew where every single gay man was located in the club.

Well, sure enough, Terry and Jim got separated in a crowd later. Terry remained in the place where he last saw Jim, just as he had agreed to. But Jim didn’t return to him until late that night. His gaydar was overloaded, and he couldn’t make out which of the thousands of gay men he was sensing around him was Terry. Or at least that was Jim’s excuse. But based on Jim’s disheveled appearance when he finally returned, Terry wasn’t so sure…

2013-06-19 03:50