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The Yaro family have an interesting Thanksgiving tradition. Well, it’s more of a problem than a tradition…

You see, the Yaros were determined to assimilate American culture when they moved to the United States from Africa. One of the things they take very seriously is having a “traditional” Thanksgiving dinner. The only problem is that their son, Yacouba, really loves yams. I mean, he really, really loves yams. And ever since they moved from Africa, the only chance he gets to eat yams is during Thanksgiving.

This creates a bit of a problem, because the Yaros have a hard time keeping the yams out of Yacouba’s reach long enough for them to make it to the dinner table. Each year, Yacouba seems to find a way to eat all of the yams before dinner. And the complaints at the dinner table are always the same. “Who ate all the yams already?” “Did Yacouba already eat all the yams!?”

This year was especially bad. The Yaros had an idea for how to keep the yams away from Yacouba. They’d assigned one family member to supervise the yam cooking from start to finish and planned to padlock the finished yams in the microwave afterwards. But when they went to cook the yams, they were missing already.

Already!?” yelled mother Yaro. “How did he eat them already? We hadn’t even cooked them yet!”

Yes, Yacouba had already learned of their plan and decided that eating raw yams now were better than sharing cooked yams later.

2009-06-19 01:13