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Oh, this commode was not very comfortable in Sakura’s opinion. She sat thinking about how she was ever going to get comfortable here. She knew this foreign exchange program would be a good experience, but there was a lot to adjust to.

She was used to her highly advanced toilets in Japan. With their heated seats, it was comfortable to sit even early in the morning. In case she was afraid of being overheard, she could just put her MP3 player into the built-in speakers. And when she was done, the toilet would wash her bottom and dry it with a gentle warm breeze. But this commode didn’t have any of that. She would have to wipe with paper when she was finished. How barbaric!

When she looked around for the toilet paper, she couldn’t find it. She looked over at her host and asked in her best English “Where is the toilet paper?”

Her host, his jaw nearly on the floor, had been staring in disbelief the entire time. When this new foreign exchange student had asked for the commode, he didn’t realize that she meant the toilet. Instead, he pointed her to the antique commode in the living room. And just like that, she walked over and squatted over it. He was pretty sure that the rest of her stay here was going to be very uncomfortable after she realized what had happened.

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