dejardays hardto leave/put

Linkword Stories:

I used to work for the railroad. Those days were hard. We left our families behind to go build tracks across the country.

The sun would beat down on us as we worked. We had left most of our belongings at home, so we only had sleep to look forward to. And the days made us hard. We had to rely on each other. We learned to work hard and put our complaints aside.

Sometimes while clearing a hill or digging a tunnel there would be an avalanche or cave in and men would be trapped. But we had to just leave them. We didn’t try to save them. We left them for dead.

So when you tell me that your first days of school are hard, I want you to leave that silly attitude aside and think about what kind of hard days are ahead of you if you don’t get an education.

2013-06-10 08:52