obedecerobey dessertto obey

Linkword Stories:

Obey your father and sit up straight when you’re at the dinner table.” said the mother to the child.

The child just looked on, refusing to obey.

The mother had an idea. She whispered to the father, “Maybe he won’t obey you, but I bet he’ll obey dessert.” The father was confused by what she was saying, but he sat in silence as she walked into the kitchen.

When the mother returned, she had 2 ice cream cones in her hands. She moved them up to her face, as if the ice cream were her eyes. And then she spoke in a false deep voice to her son.

“Hi Tommy. Don’t I look delicious? I bet you’d like to eat me. But you won’t get to unless you obey your parents. OK?”

Tommy sat up straight. He wasn’t stupid. He didn’t actually obey dessert, but he’d found that this was a good way to get 2 ice cream cones for dessert instead of 1…

2013-06-19 03:13