tujtoyat once/immediately

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“Put away your toys, immediately!”

Little Timothy knew that his mother meant business. Normally, she’d give him at least until the count of 3. Something must be upsetting her and he knew better than to make her wait when she was in one of these moods. He stopped playing at once.

“I noticed a split-second delay. I said ‘immediately’ and I mean immediately, mister!” his mother shouted.

Timothy began throwing his toys into his play chest with reckless abandon. Even at his young age he knew that it was impossible for anyone to put away all of their toys immediately. He didn’t understand why adults gave orders to children that they knew could not possibly be obeyed. Adults just didn’t make any sense.

But Timothy was going to change all that once he grew up. Yes, he would invent the world’s first immediate toy picker-upper that would clean up all of your toys with the push of a button—no, with a mere thought! He would be a hero to children everywhere.

“That’s it, no more toys for you for the rest of the week!” Timothy’s mother snapped. It was then that he realized that he had stopped picking up his toys while he daydreamed. He sighed to himself. He would not get his revenge at once, but when he did it would be oh so sweet.

2009-08-17 02:32