Vocabulink Source Code

The program powering www.vocabulink.com is Free Software. You should have the freedom to examine and make use of the source code of the web applications that you use.

You can view the latest code on GitHub. Included is the Haskell, JavaScript, SQL, and CSS used by the live site. However, it does not include any articles, database records, or any other content from this site. Such content is copyrighted by its respective owners and has NOT been released to you under the GNU Affero Public License.

Vocabulink makes use of the following JavaScript libraries. They are sent minified, but can be obtained in their unminified forms from their respective websites.

Vocabulink also uses icons from famfamfam Silk.


awesome website :) :) :) :) :) I am so happy to find it.

This motivates me to learn two new languages – Haskell and Spanish!