Accelerated Learning Features

  • Gradual Progression

    Have you ever tried reading Spanish but just go frustrated and gave up? Our stories start with very simple sentences. Then, gradually over time we introduce new words and new grammar.

  • Linkword Mnemonics

    Instead of staring at a list of vocabulary or writing words out 100 times, wouldn't it be nice to have a trick to remember each word by? We thought so too. That's why we've included mnemonics for each word we introduce you to.

  • Words Selected by Frequency

    Why waste time learning words you're rarely, if ever, going to use? We analyzed how frequently words occur in written and spoken Spanish and use only words among the most common 3,000.

  • Spaced Repetition

    Flashcards are great, but we have better technology today. We use a special algorithm to schedule optimal times for you to review each word that you learn. This algorithm adapts to your memory and the difficulty of each word.