Linkword Stories:

The doctor turned towards John, examining his clipboard with a grave look on his face.

“What is it, doc? Am I going to be okay?”

“Well, John, I don’t know how to tell you this, but we’ve examined the x-rays and we think we know what’s wrong with you. You have a rare condition called ‘noodle dick.’”

John was dumb-founded. “Excuse me?”

Well, your penis is shaped like an oversized piece of penne pasta. Do you find yourself attracted to saucy women? It’s fairly common problem for men with penises shaped like penne pasta.

“I don’t want my penis to be shaped like penne pasta! How have I never noticed this until now? My life is ruined!”

“Well look at the bright side, at least it’s not shaped like farfalle or tortellini!”

2012-08-22 12:57