Linkword Stories:

A village chieftain imprisoned an old seer for being unable to pay his dues to the royal house.

“Let me go this day or tomorrow will be a day of fire for you and your household!” the seer cried.

“Remove him from my sight!” commanded the chieftain, and the seer was locked in a prison cell. But the next day the dwelling of the chieftain burst into flames. As his daughter ran past with her skirts on fire he ordered the seer brought before him in the town square.

“What form of magic told you that my household would burst into flames this day?” the chieftain demanded.

The seer simply responded with, “If you don’t release me from my bonds this day, tomorrow will be a day of death for this entire village.”

The chieftain had the seer released but banished him from the village. To this day he wanders the countryside and places curses of one sort or another on unsuspecting travelers.

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