Linkword Stories:

A small kingdom was being terrorized by a dragon, but the knights of the kingdom were all too afraid to volunteer for the mission. The princess of the land grew fed up and decided to take matters into her own hands. She sauntered up to a gardener—a broad chested fellow with strength to spare. She batted her eyelashes and said, “You know, I love a man in armor.”

That was all it took. The next day, the gardener came to call on the princess while wearing a set of armor. The king cried out in joy and announced that the kingdom had an armor-clad champion. The poor gardener was then shoved onto a horse and sent to face the dragon. It didn’t end well.

The next target of the princess was a well-built blacksmith. In the dull golden glow of the smithy the princess looked like a goddess of fire; the blacksmith never stood a chance. “You know, I love a man in armor…” But ultimately, the blacksmith met the same fate as the gardener.

Desperate, the princess selected a homely peasant next. But her charms didn’t seem to affect him the way they had the others. Deflated, she said her last line half-heartedly. “I love a man in armor.”

“How much do you love a man in armor?” came the sharp reply. “Enough to give him your hand?”

The princess nodded, thinking that perhaps he was more taken with her than he let on.

“I’ll hold you to that.”

The next day, the unattractive peasant donned heavy armor he found in the now abandoned smithy and instead of seeking the princess for her love he marched directly out to face the dragon. Mounted on the back of a horse he didn’t even own, the armor-clad champion slayed the vicious dragon.

He held the princess to her word and they married the very same day, the groom still clad in the armor. The princess figured she could perhaps come to love him; she had not been lying about her love of men in armor, after all…

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